Restoring Automotive Performance


Will Auto Body Damage Get Worse Over Time?

Collision repair is something most drivers take for granted, especially after accidents and incidents involving their vehicles. For whatever reasons, people may prefer not to get their vehicles checked out after a collision, especially if the damage is deemed insignificant to the naked eye. Damage to a car is not only an eyesore, but it takes away from the value and a

Turning Your Clunker Into Cash

Vehicles provide access to convenient transportation, but a car or truck that is no longer running can quickly become a burden. Instead of turning to costly towing services to get rid of your obsolete vehicle, you should opt to turn your clunker into cash instead. Trading your old car or truck for money can seem complicated, but here are three simple avenues you can p

Why You Should Put A Spare Tire In Your New Car

In the past, it was often considered to be a given that cars had spare tires in the back. One thing that you might have noticed about new cars, however, is that many of them do not come with spare tires. If you have a new car that does not have a spare tire, it is important to do something about this. These are a few reasons why: Not All Tires Can Be Repaired

Trusty But Tired? Why Upgrading Your Truck Is Essential For Diversifying Your Career

When cared for properly, semi trucks can last for a long, long time, but sometimes that age isn't an advantage. Due to changes in laws and technology, older trucks are often not suitable for driving in certain conditions -- including locations like entire states. While this doesn't mean you need to buy a completely new truck, you would do well to buy new-to-you trucks