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Is It Possible To Junk A Car Without A Title?

If you inherited an old car without a title, you may find it difficult to sell the car to someone else. Without the title, buyers can register the vehicle with the DMV. You can try to get rid of your untitled car by junking it. Learn more about untitled cars and how you may be able to junk them below.

Why Can't You Sell an Untitled Car?

Every vehicle needs a proper title to drive, own, or operate safely. Without a title, you can't show ownership of your car. However, some cars lack the proper title. Selling a car without a title can be exceptionally difficult. Buyers may not be able to register the vehicle in their name after they purchase it from you.

If you can't sell your inherited car because it lacks a title, consider junking it. You'll need to contact a junk removal company to see if they'll purchase the car from you.

How Do You Junk Your Car?

A number of junk car buyers will purchase untitled cars. However, junk car buyers must follow the laws in their state regarding purchasing untitled vehicles. Some states require all cars to be titled before your sell or junk them. A junk buyer will let you know if they can purchase your vehicle after you contact them.

If you do manage to find a junk buyer for your car, you'll need to do a couple of things to the car before you sell it. First, check to see if the vehicle's registration is expired or up-to-date. Even if a junk car removal company takes your car, they may still want to see the registration to it. Always ask if a company requires the registration to your car before you try to sell it. 

A company may also purchase your untitled car if they can sell its parts. The company may use the parts to repair other vehicles they own or purchase. If your vehicle has good parts, tell a junk company right away. They may come out to your home and tow the car back to their shop or junkyard. 

You should receive money for your car after you junk it. The amount you receive may depend on the car's age and condition. A buyer will most likely hand you cash for the car after you accept their offer.

Learn more about junking an untitled car by contacting a junk removal company today, like Cash for Junk Cars Lake County.